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Sustainable Prospects – Photobook Layout

One possible photobook layout is shown below. This was produced using Saal Digital’s Design Software. I have ordered the photobook and will review it once it arrives.

The design has been chosen to showcase each image. The project is all about the images (in much the same way that Martin Schoeller’s work is all about the face – see previous blog post).

Each mask is placed on a page with no explanation or name assigned to it. The following page is the image of the person behind the mask. This layout encourages the viewer to engage with the images to try and determine what the face looks like behind the mask. Whilst this adds the the overall cost of the photobook due to the number of pages needed, it is essential to the impact that the images have to the viewer.

The pages will be matt to reduce the reflections when looking at the book. I also hope that it will reduce the incidence of fingerprints on the pages.

I really look forward to receiving this in printed form and to reviewing it in a future blog post.

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