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Sustainable Prospects – Marketing Plan Update Week 3 – 05-11-17

Evaluation and Monitoring of Progress of Marketing Plan Issued 15th October 2017

Output Measures:

2 Posts per day to Social Media Platforms

This is the second week where I have been posting just one image per day to each social media platform. The number of new likes and the number of engagements with posts has dropped and this reduction may be the cause of it.  I will monitor for a further week before making a decision as to the optimum number I need to post each day.

Followers on Social Media Platforms

Number of engagements with posted content on Facebook

Behind the Mask Project Targets for this Week

Number of engagements and crowdsourced images for the project ‘Behind the Mask’.

  • No crowdsourced images received.

  • New discussion group created on Facebook for the project. Participants and supporters are free to discuss the experience and suggest ways forward for the project

Other Targets for this Week

Connections made with industry professionals

  • Preparations have been made for my ParisPhoto trip

  • I have planned the galleries I specifically want to visit during my time there

Updated portfolio and associated emails sent to agencies and galleries.

  • Preparations have been made for my ParisPhoto trip

  • I will follow up the visit with emails to relevant galleries

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