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Sustainable Prospects – Marketing Plan Update Week 2 – 29-10-17

Evaluation and Monitoring of Progress of Marketing Plan Issued 15th October 2017

Output Measures:

2 Posts per day to Social Media Platforms

This week, I decided to reduce the number of posts to each platform to 1 per day.  Even with using Buffer.com to schedule the posts, there was a lot of pressure to come up with 2 per day. I will monitor the impact of this decision.

Followers on Social Media Platforms

As noted from the charts above, the Behind the Mask project has seen an incredible growth in followers. I anticipate that this will slow down after the initial surge of interest.

Number of engagements with posted content on Facebook

The number of engagements has dropped this week, due to no posts being promoted through paid advertising.

Behind the Mask Project Targets for this Week

Number of engagements and crowdsourced images for the project ‘Behind the Mask’.

  1. No crowdsourced images have yet been received

  2. More volunteers have come forward to take part

  3. One poem has been sent to me about the project.

  4. Engagement is evident on all posts.  Am now starting to get mental health advocates and similar following me.

Other Targets for this Week

To successfully issue newsletter on 23/10/17

  1. Completed on time and sent to 186 subscribers.  I have lost one subscriber after the publication. The newsletter has encouraged a couple of people to engage with the caption competition, so this tells me that the newsletter was read by a few people at least.

Connections made with industry professionals

  1. This week I have made contact with a few industry professionals through social media sites

  2. I have been asked to be a photo book reviewer for http://www.saal-digital.co.uk

  3. I have been given a Paris Photo ticket by Pernod Ricard. I am very much looking forward to networking in Paris and to seeing their commissioned work, Martin Schoeller’s “close-up” series.

Updated portfolio and associated emails sent to agencies and galleries.

  1. My portfolio has been updated with new artwork and I am preparing to send this out to relevant agencies and galleries – will probably do this after I return from Paris.

  2. New business cards and flyers have been ordered in advance of my trip to Paris.

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