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Sustainable Prospects – Create a Viral Image

“Make an image that you feel is intriguing and appealing and spread it around as many places as possible.”

I decided to use an image of eyes created from a recent portrait.  The image is below.

Figure 1: Sutherst. TheEyesHaveIt. 2017

A website was created with the address theeyeshaveitphoto.yolasite.com was created for people to log their geographical location.

I also created a hashtag for the image #TheEyesHaveItPhoto which I have asked people to use when sharing the image. I have shared the image on all my social media platforms today and asked friends to share it.

The image also has an email address associated with it.


I am excited to see what happens with my image over the next fews days and weeks.

#TheEyesHaveItPhoto #October2017

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