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Sustainable Prospects – Behind the Mask – Online Presence

On 18/10/17, I created an Instagram account, Facebook page, and website for my project ‘Behind the Mask’.

On 22nd October 2017, I launched the website for my project ‘Behind the Mask’. The link to it was posted on all social media sites.

Screenshots of the website:-

The aims of this online presence are:-

  1. Raise awareness of mental health issues

  2. Raise awareness of my practice

  3. Encourage volunteers to take part

  4. Give those who feel alone a voice

  5. To encourage participants via the internet (crowdsourced images)

Time will tell how much this will impact the project. I will continue to monitor progress, followers and engagements via my weekly marketing reports.

#BehindtheMask #October2017 #TheMasksWeWear

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