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Sustainable Prospects – Behind the Mask – Image Presentation Style 2

The second option for the was to produce a triptych for each person.

The triptych included the presentation of the images involved three main images:-

  1. my ‘normal’ face – the one where I wear the mask

  2. my masked face

  3. my unmasked, raw face.

I chose to present the work on both a dark grey background and a white background.

My preference and that of my reviewers was for the white background.  The images stand out much better and they become more powerful.  The images are a little lost on the grey background.

The inclusion of the first image provided for much discussion between myself and others.

On one hand, I wanted to show what the subject looked like in a normal, everyday situation.  On the other hand, I feel that the first image detracts from the powerfulness of the other two.

The next option is to try just two images side by side in a diptych.  I am hoping that this will produce a more powerful impact from the images.

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