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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoot Mod3#10 – Body Parts – “Emma”

When Emma arrived at the studio, I was concerned that she would not be able to take part in the shoot.  She was shaking uncontrollably.  Emma had volunteered for the shoot in order to overcome some of her anxiety issues.  Several years ago, she suffered a major car accident and had suffered PTSD ever since.

She was insistent on taking part in the shoot as she wanted to show a body that had scars, stretch marks and flabbier parts. These parts would normally be considered as ‘imperfect’ by the media, but they are real.

“I believe diversity is necessary.  Without a multitude of voices, we only hear one story, and one story is not the full picture.”

– (Ashley Armitage, 2017)

After the shoot, Emma felt empowered and was really happy to have helped me with the project.

Each image has been edited in the same way to give a consistent effect.  I have applied a Lightroom preset called ‘Inky’ to each image. The images have then been edited to increase clarity and hence increase texture and definition in the resultant images.  The images were also converted to monochrome so that the focus is not distracted by colours and the viewer concentrates on the content of the image.  Shot against a white backdrop, the images are a further response to Coplans’s body parts work.


Ashley Armitage. (2017). About. [online] Available at: http://www.asharmitage.com/about/ [Accessed 16 July 2017].


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