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Surfaces and Strategies – Considering Other Photographers – Marta María Pérez Bravo

Marta María Pérez Bravo (or more commonly known as Marta María Pérez) is a Cuban photographer who produces work in black and white so that the viewer is not distracted.  She wants her viewer to focus their attention on the symbols and their meanings. Even though they might not know about them at all.  Her intention is that, when these symbols are interpreted, they evoke ideas and suggest and provoke sensations.

Figure 1: Pérez. A symbol is a truth. Unknown date

In much the same way, I have edited my current work into monochrome so that the focus of the viewer is not distracted by colour and the viewer concentrates on the content of the image. Colour sometimes is used by photographers to hide things in images; it is hard to see beyond it sometimes.  There is no hidden message in a monochrome image, there is nowhere to hide.

Her work often has a dream-like feel which reflects her cultural and spiritual ideals. This is in stark contrast to my work, which has is almost clinical in ways with the amount of detail reproduced in the images, which reflects reality, not dreams.

Figure 2: Pérez. Firmeza (Firmness). Unknown date


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