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Positions and Practice – First Thoughts

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

During the introduction stage of the course, we have been asked to post a photograph that answers why photography matters to us.

One of my peers, Dayana, has posted a striking photograph by Francesca Woodman – From Space 2, Providence, Rhode Island, 1977.

Dayana has commented that the image leads us to believe that the subject is emerging from the wall. However for me, this isn’t the whole story and this image really set my brain whirring. I found myself just staring at the image wondering whether the woman was hiding herself away from the room and any occupants that were there. It evoked a sense of sadness that the subject may have felt ashamed of her appearance and was trying to hide in the background. I want to know why she feels that way and how I could help her to become more confident and free of the feelings that have made her want to hide. I am really inspired to look at further work by the photographer – thanks Dayana 🙂

Figure 1: Francesca Woodman, House #3, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976.


Figure 1: Woodman, F.  House #3, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976.  From Victoria Miro. 2016. Francesca Woodman | Victoria Miro. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.victoria-miro.com/artists/7-francesca-woodman/. [Accessed 17 September 2017].

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