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Informing Contexts – Book Proof

In order to see whether my sequence of images works as a book, I created a proof on line (figures 1-12 below).

When considering the layout, I believe if I were to publish this work as a book, the sequence would need to be changed.  I have intended the images of the two Twisted Tinkerbells (‘Untitled #12’ and ‘Untitled #13’) to be viewed side by side.  In this book mock up they are back to back and are not seen together.  In this instance I would choose to swap over images ‘Untitled #12’ and ‘Untitled #14’ to make this happen.

For me, I do not think the photobook is the way forward.  Whilst the medium would make the images accessible to many, I really want my work to be seen on a large scale.  I think that some of the performance aspect will be lost in a book.


The smaller scale will make the images more intimate than they are intended to be.


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