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Final Major Project: Zine Version 1

First (very rough) version of a zine of the makeup and props used in the project.

This layout does not work in my opinion. My initial idea was to have a ‘catalogue’ of the props and makeup used in the project. This version just looks like I have just randomly dumped images into a page, which is pretty much what I have done.

There are too many images on each page and their differing backgrounds are distracting. There is a mix of fonts and styles which need to be simplified down. The range of images works well together, as does the use of quotations.

This was produced in a rush, without due thought and care. The images are a bit meaningless in this format and this will distract rather than add to my exhibition.

The whole idea needs serious reconsideration.

To consider:-

  1. what do I want this zine to do?

  2. how does it fit with the rest of the project?

  3. is it really necessary?

  4. what font to use?

#FracturedIdentities #June2018

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