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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – The De-installation Process

Due to travel time from home to the gallery, I decided it was more efficient to de-install the exhibition after the doors closed at 4pm on the 11th August 2018.

This was a faster process than the installation but still required 2 people due to the size and weight of the work.

I purchased some thick narrow rolls of clingfilm to wrap the frames as they were removed from the wall. The de-installation took around 1.5 hours.

I did not have to ‘make good’ the walls of the gallery as I had paid for the gallery to do this as an extra on my hire agreement. This saved us an hour or so.

I decided that the images (except ‘The mask of divine proportion’) would be better protected in a storage unit (due to 2 very curious cats at home).

The day after de-installation, we took the images, spare literature, and digital photo frames to our local Big Yellow branch and secured them in the unit.  The images will remain there until they are either needed for another exhibition of the work or I decide what to do with them long term.

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