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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – #Landings2018

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In the same manner as 2017, the MA team at Falmouth are hosting an ‘art-trail’ type collection of self-initiated, small-scale local exhibitions or installations of work.

The idea is that work will be displayed around the world by students and the Landings website will be a hub to access the installations. I have linked my submission to my project website.

All students have been invited to take part.

The advertising images and trailer are below:

Accompanying PDF


My page in the PDF

Landings page screenshots


Landings 2018 Showcase. 2018. YouTube [online]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC_dPqmxfrc&feature=youtu.be [accessed 15 August 2018].


Landings 2018 Searching for meaning. 2018. Landings.space [online]. Available at: http://landings.space/ [accessed 15 August 2018].

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