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Final Major Project: Shoot FMP#6 – Johnny – 04-03-18 ​

Having the opportunity to shoot in a disused prison, I decided to create more masked images. However, in this case, I chose to follow up on the advice given to me at the IoP Symposium about using other masks alongside the solid black mask.

The shoot took place just a few days after a major snowfall in the area and it was bitterly cold. It was significantly colder inside the prison than it was outside. The shoot was arranged for an evening with a start time of 6.30pm.

The most successful images are shown below. Whilst the images shot in the cell with Johnny sat on the bed have a sinister and creepy feel, there is also a sense of loneliness in the narrative. The viewer considers why the person is sat there and who is behind the mask. What did they do? These images were shot in pitch black with the torch light on my iPhone being the only light source.

There is certainly a project here, but I am unsure if this is the direction I want the Fractured Identities project to go down.

The venue was amazing and I hope to get another chance to photograph there again.

Other images from the shoot:-

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