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Final Major Project: Shoot FMP#2 – Iain – 11-02-18 – Film Shoot

As part of my experimental work, I decided to shoot some images on film. I chose to do this in both black and white and colour. The contact sheets are below for each.

My thoughts on this are that film is less convenient than digital. I felt that I had more control during the shoot with the digital camera as I was able to view the image and adjust settings accordingly. This ultimately produced, in my opinion, better images.

Shooting in film is very enjoyable though. It reminded me of my childhood, with the anticipation of what the film may reveal.

To my eye, the black and white images are more successful than the colour ones. I found that my Nikon d810 gave me much better and more accurate colours than the colour film images which appear oversaturated with green.

At 36.3-megapixels the Nikon d810 appears to me to have a better resolution than the film images. This will impact on the scale of my work at exhibition. This was a useful exercise, but I can’t see me putting the Nikon away just yet!

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