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Final Major Project: Shoot FMP#10 – Self-Portraits – 03-04-18 ​​

For this shoot, I tried to get the contouring makeup to run down my face. Even adding glycerin to it, this failed. I went on to explore the use of wigs, props, and clear masks to alter my identity in the images.

There are images here that work really well and others that don’t. The clear masks produce images that are too predictable. The images with the hair tied back are really intriguing as you can see more of my face. I also feel that the images with the blonde wig are more successful than the black wig.

Creating these images felt more like playing dress-up than getting ready for a photoshoot. There is an emphasis on illusion and make-believe with this shoot. The viewer would need to peel back layers so that the deeper truths about who I really am can be discovered. In the dress-up game I am playing, I am expressing who I am (and who I could be) through a mask of makeup and props. I am trying to conform to grown-up female stereotypes seen too often online. Obviously though, I have taken these stereotypes to an extreme.

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