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Final Major Project: Raison d’être of a Selfie

“The very raison d’être of a selfie is to be shared in social media, it is not made for maker’s own personal consumption and contemplation . . . By sharing a selfie Instagram users express their belonging to a community, or a wish to belong to one.”

– (Tifentale 2014)

Quote taken from an essay which is part of Selfiecity, a research project led by Dr. Lev Manovich. Link to selfiecity.net


TIFENTALE, A. 2014. “The Selfie: Making sense of the “Masturbation of Self-Image” and the “Virtual Mini-Me””. D25rsf93iwlmgu.cloudfront.net [online]. Available at: http://d25rsf93iwlmgu.cloudfront.net/downloads/Tifentale_Alise_Selfiecity.pdf [accessed 24 July 2018].

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