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Final Major Project: Product Review – Saal Digital Photo​ Booklet

In January, I was asked by Saal Digital to take part in a photo booklet product test.  For transparency, the photobook was provided to my specification and design, but I am not being paid to promote the company. I was given a voucher to cover most of the cost of the booklet and I paid the balance of the booklet I ordered.

Firstly, I downloaded their Design Software and was able to quickly and easily choose options to suit my Behind the Mask project. There is a diverse range of design options, quality of print mediums, and templates available to use. The design process is very intuitive and took less than 30 minutes to complete the whole booklet.

The screenshots of the design pages are below:

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To test the quality that Saal could provide, the specification I chose to order was:

Photo Booklet Format: 20cm x 20cm

Orientation: landscape

Surface: art print

32 pages

Cover: without barcode

Delivery was fast.  It took just over a week from ordering to delivery. This is quite impressive considering it has come from Germany.

So my first impressions were good. The book was delivered well protected in the packaging.

The booklet has an outer plastic cover which helps to protect it from damage and adds to the overall appearance of the booklet. The art print pages I chose are thick and textured, adding a quality feel to the booklet.

Images from the booklet:

Overall, I was blown away by the quality and service offered by Saal Digital. In comparison to other photo booklets I have previously ordered, the price and quality of Saal Digital products is exceptional. I will certainly be using Saal Digital for my next project and am also looking forward to purchasing some of the other products that they offer.

Find this photo booklet and other products for sale at saal-digital.co.uk @SaalDigitaluk @saaldigital_uk #saaldigitaluk

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