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Final Major Project: Portfolio Review and Discussion – Steve Tynan – 19-02-18

Notes from my recent portfolio review and discussion – recorded here for reference and action.

Key points:-

  • My work has a peculiarity and surreal feel

  • It has a filmic quality

  • Very confident with people and photographing them

  • Really interesting that my portfolio is so diverse.

  • Interesting that the mask features a lot

  • I am very technically able


Research the work of:

  • Arthur Tress


  • The stage of the work – my community? Village street?

  • Stripping back work – more rawness

  • A personal storyline

  • A surreal documentary feel

  • Simple objects and settings

Ensure work is:

  • Diverse

  • Structured and has a storyline

  • Storyboarded

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