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Final Major Project: Portfolio Review and Discussion – Michelle Sank – 20-02-18

Notes from my recent portfolio review and discussion – recorded here for reference and action.

Key points:-

  1. Technique excellent

  2. Know how to use a camera

  3. Great portraits

  4. Good at directing people and getting exactly what is wanted

  5. In figure 1, most effective crops are the two images on the left hand side. Have more direct ‘eye’ contact with viewer. You are drawn into to these images.

  6. Have an excellent attitude to work – passionate and enthusiastic – should help me to progress.

Figure 1: Sutherst. 2018. Secateurs


Research the following:-

  • Masks and the uncanny

  • Roger Ballen

  • Surveillance at the Tate Modern

  • Ralph Eugene Meatyard

  • Jeff Wall

  • Matt Collinshaw

  • French photographer – rabbit masks

Consider the following for exhibition:-

  • Voyeuristic box with projection – peer in

  • Film stills?

  • Film or moving image?

  • Silent movie format?

  • Consider the use of full length colour images

  • Keep shooting rabbit mask along with other masks

  • Document EVERY thing

  • Consider sequences

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