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Final Major Project: Lev Manovich – Quotes

“To know how to communicate via photographs shared on social media is becoming a basic social skill.“

– (Manovich and Tifentale 2016: 4)

“Instagram and competitive photography – For many Instagram users, the main goal is to get more “likes,” to make images that will be “successful” and “popular,” and this task requires having advanced level of visual literacy.”

– (Manovich and Tifentale 2016: 5)

“Selfies are not self-portraits in traditional art-historical sense. They do not show a person isolated from their environment, as both self-portraits and portraits often did historically (think for example of self-portraits by Rembrandt and van Gogh). Instead, they are records of events, activities, experiences, and situations that include the photo’s author. The background of a typical selfie photo identifies the place, and shows the activity and the ambience of this place. In this way, the person(s) in the selfie become part of a situation, rather being shown in isolation.”

– (Manovich and Tifentale 2016: 19)


Manovich, L. and Tifentale, A. 2016. Manovich.net [online]. Available at: http://manovich.net/content/04-projects/090-competitive-photography-and-the-presentation-of-the-self/competitive_photography_at_lm_2016_2018.pdf [accessed 20 July 2018].

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