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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Workshop – Here and Now – 18-02-18

Dr Gary McLeod ran the fourth workshop that I attended at #iopSymposium18. The theme was to locate us in the “thickness” of space and time.

There was much discussion about time and what it is. This preceeded each particiapnt making a beer can pinhole camera which was to be used to create images of our experience and placed in a collaborative book.

Workshop images:

My pinhole images were latent images produced with shrt exposure times. They are negative images that had exposure times between 8 and 12 seconds. The exception to this is the heart photogram which was produced with an enlarger in the darkroom. My images:

The group worked together to produce the book, with each having a different role to play. I was sticking things in that had been randomly and blindly selected. Others cut tape to stick the images in. Everyone signed the front of the book and ALL images were included. We also included other items from the experience, such as sweet wrappers and tape.

The finished book:-

Philip Singleton and I decided to video the book as a record of what we had achieved. It was carried out with a dollop of humour! This was the perfect way to finish off what was a most enjoyable workshop.

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