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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Talk – Christiane Monarchi – 20-02-18

Christiane Monarchi spoke to #iopSymposium18 live from London via the Big Blue Button platform.

Key points:-

  1. Set up and runs the online magazine Photomonitor. It promotes photography in the UK and Ireland.

  2. The magazine supports emerging writers.

  3. It has no camera adverts

  4. It is free

  5. Launched in December 2011

  6. Simple listings are free

  7. Larger listings which have more information pages have a cost.

  8. More likely to get a ‘yes’ if an idea is pitched that is outside of London. London is a saturated market


  1. Listings

  2. Reviews

  3. Interviews

  4. Essays

  5. Portfolios

  6. Auctions

  7. Collections

  8. Books

  9. Talks

Commissioning content – key points:-

  1. UK / Irish focus – balance regional coverage of UK and Ireland. The intention is to have a large base of artists and venues

  2. Established vs. emerging – balance blend of artists and writers

  3. Vintage vs. contemporary – include a spectrum of content

  4. Timely features – reviews should be published while work is still being exhibited

  5. Word count – important for the budget but not for the format – around 1000 words

  6. Engaging writing – no set style, but written for print, not blog

Publishing considerations – key points:-

  1. Editorial/advertising separation – contributors suggestions drive content commissioning

  2. Monthly commissioning budget – based on the amount of advertising and listings fees paid in

  3. Rotate contributors – more than 200 contributors so far, recommendations of others are welcome

  4. Content growth – timely and consistent publication of features Social media – sharing links for maximum exposure

What does the future hold?

  1. Opportunities

  2. Publishing photography magazine with UK and Irish focus in addition to the online version

  3. Interactive talks and streamed content

  4. Challenges

  5. Growing readership and revenue

  6. Expanding a free platform to sell something

  7. Hiring others to help deal with the growth

Inspiring platforms:-

  1. www.photocaptionist.com

  2. www.dergreif-online.de

  3. www.visualcultureblog.com

  4. www.caferoyalbooks.com

  5. www.flakphoto.com

  6. www.1000wordsmag.com

Contact details:-

  1. Get in touch to be involved

  2. editor@photomonitor.co.uk

  3. www.photomonitor.co.uk

#February2018 #IoPSymposium2018

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