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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Final Discussion – 20-02-18

Recap of topics discussed at symposium.

Core themes:-

  1. Extending the frame of the work

  2. Redefining the book

  3. Time

  4. Instantaneity

  5. Appropriate output depends on the project

  6. Collaboration? How does it change the journey of the work? The panel discussed how collaboration changes the work in a good way – it makes dialogue happen. We advance our language. We become more articulate about our work.

  7. Do not pigeonhole yourself or your work.


  1. Why do we publish?

  2. Why do we want our work out there?

  3. What do we hope to achieve?

  4. What form should we put our work out in?

  5. Where do we put all the photobook?

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