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Final Major Project: Framing Options – Meeting with Local Framer

During the writing of my proposal, I budgeted £1,000 for framing. On 12th February 2018, I had an initial meeting with a local framing company. Regency Gallery and Framing in Cheltenham offer custom frames made of specialist materials which protect the life and quality of the images.

Before the meeting, I decided on a thin black box frame which would allow the images to be set back from the glass and the viewer. This will create a sense of voyeurism and of peering in on the images, much like looking in through a window. I had decided that the images should have a black mount. My initial sizing estimate used for the discussion is a 600x400mm frame with a mount size of 80mm on the sides and top, and 90mm at the bottom. The depth of the box frame was estimated at 20mm.

My meeting was with one of the owners and was very encouraging. It was proposed that a natural wooden frame is supplied and stained black during manufacture. The frames could then be sanded back to natural wood if required in future. The estimate for each frame (without discount for quantity) was around £53 per frame (including mounting and framing of images). The approximate construction time for 20 frames is quoted at 2 weeks, although I intend to allow at least a month to allow for any unforeseen issues.

Assuming a discount can be negotiated, the quotation is within budget.

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