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Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – The Instagram Exhibition

Created for online sharing, the Instagram edits evolved from the production of the exhibition booklet / zine. In a 1-1 discussion, Wendy McMurdo commented that the image from the booklet that I showed her was amongst the strongest work of the project in her opinion. After this, I decided to create a complete series.

There are often sayings and phrases on Instagram, so I decided that it would be a good idea to pair sayings with images. I Googled different makeup and selfie sayings (each image contains the reference information underneath the hashtags). Each saying was placed in a different colour box and pasted onto a screenshot of a blank post I placed on Instagram. The Instagram post was copied and then deleted. The hashtags and tag used in the images were chosen to reflect the project – #fractured_identities #mask #portrait #portraits @jo_sutherst_photography #obsession #selfie #selfies.

Each saying was then paired up with a self-portrait taken during the project. The pairs were placed into a template created in Photoshop to ensure the consistent layout. A gap was left between the images because my intention was always to post to Instagram utilising the grid layout (3 images across). Each saying was matched to the most appropriate image to reflect the message.

The posts were placed during July in the run-up to the exhibition.

In the future, the plan may be to print and exhibit them, but the for the time being they are will remain in the digital realm.


#FracturedIdentities #July2018

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