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Final Major Project: Digital Cosmetic-Free Makeover With PortraitPro 17 Studio Software

PortraitPro 17 does one thing only. It retouches and enhances the human face. It simply does nothing else. Even just loading an image into the program produces a retouched image using the default settings.

You can continue to enhance the image further. It is really easy to alter the sliders and see the results instantly.

The Studio version of the software can work with RAW files, it can batch process images, and it can work as an integrated plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop.

The software asks you whether the face is male or female, adult or child. It then detects the features of the face. The purple lines can be fine-tuned and the effect is seen instantly on the enhanced image.

PortraitPro Edits:

In some cases, the processing is very evident and the images look artificial. The more successful images are where the differences between the images are more subtle.

In the extreme cases (particularly the last set of images), I processed the processed images repeatedly. This gave a very artificial final image.

Actions moving forwards:

  1. Edit more subtly so that the images look more realistic

  2. Working with groups of images to create a grid is an area I wish to explore further.

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