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Final Major Project: Contouring And Highlighting: A Digital Cosmetic-Free Makeover

Experimenting with an online tool that contours and reshapes your face, I was intrigued to see the results. The website claims that by “automatically cut[ting] away the perfect proportion of fat from your face…[the software] leaves you with a face that appears slimmer, healthier and much more attractive in photographs.” (Portrait Photo Retouching and Makeup. Online, Automatic, DIY 2018)

Firstly you need to line up the outline of the face (avoiding as much hair as possible).

The software automatically analyses your face. In the case of the 3 images I uploaded, each was rated differently. I guess this was due to the makeup and styling of each image.

I was surprised to see that my normal face was rated higher for attractiveness at the outset than the styled images produced with makeup in the studio. I was also surprised to see that the software deemed that my face was attractive – this is something I would never consider myself to be.

At the final tweaking stage, I increased all settings to maximum to increase the effect. The resultant images are quite remarkable if a little odd.

As we get older, our faces can get rounder and it can be hard to shift weight from the face. I know that this is certainly true for me.  For a permanent solution, plastic surgery is a way forward. However, online software such as that used in this experiment can give a virtual makeover with instant effects.

There is still experimentation that can be done here and in Photoshop. I will write up these in a further post.


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