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Final Major Project: 1:1 Summary Notes – 7th February 2018

Notes from my recent 1:1 with Wendy McMurdo – recorded here for reference.

We discussed my project proposal – it should be a road map to completing the project from concept to the end point. The idea is to convince people that I know what I am doing and not to continually refer and compare to other people – it is about ME and MY WORK not theirs. My journey.

Project Considerations:

  1. Relationship of people to the background they are photographed in

  2. Landscape format? Be consistent across the project

  3. Sketch images before shoots (as I already do) and include these in evidence

  4. Shoot images in black and white?

  5. Consider use of grids / sequences of images – 4?

References to consider:

  1. Andy Wiener – National Galleries of Scotland

  2. Cindy Sherman’s early work when she was a student, 1976

  3. Susan Bright – Auto Portrait

  4. Discussed Eileen Agar’s Angel of Anarchy


  1. Ensure the venue is the right one

  2. Possibilities discussed

  3. At exhibition complete an artist talk and record it

  4. Use of slide projector in exhibition?


  1. Bring contact sheets to future discussions


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