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Final Major Project: 1:1 Summary Notes – 6th June 2018

Notes from my recent 1:1 with Wendy McMurdo – recorded here for reference and action.

We discussed my progress to date and considered images from recent shoots.

Key points for consideration:-

Action points:-

  1. Look at Flickogram social media images for installation

  2. Consider huge portraits at end of gallery – single ones

  3. Mural piece?

  4. Grids may be better as 12 or 15 images rather than 4 or 6 – more obsessive and striking

  5. Micro and macro prints

  6. Exploit excessive nature of shooting and selfie culture


  1. coherent descriptor of project

  2. can repurpose and reuse in FMP documentation

  3. Visual practice

  4. Other practitioners

  5. ongoing contextualisation

  6. research

  7. FMP journey

  8. evidence learning and development

#FracturedIdentities #June2018

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